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Live at Westside Festival

24 Nov 2018 / Patras

ΨΧ Festival

15 Sep 2018 / Romantso

10 Years Laternative

14 Apr 2018 / Six D.O.G.S


My Wet Calvin LIVE, 4 years after the last one (opening for Of Montreal), 6 years after the penultimate, 13 years after their first.
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Music & Poetry #4

7 Feb 2016 / Trianon Movie Theater


My Wet Calvin's Leo and Aries join forces with Angelos Panou and Maro Baveli (the ensemble also know as Feerdom) to perform a premier of Maro Baveli's piece "Domika Ylika" (=Structural Material) with spoken word by poet Maria Koulouri. The performance is part of "Music & Poetry" series, held at Trianon Movie Theater.


Starting: 21:00

Tickets: 8€

Trianon website

Of Montreal opening act

16 Jul 2014 / Six D.O.G.S


My Wet Calvin are going to be performing as a 4 piece band setup plus guests as the opening act for of Montreal's Athens date, that is July 16th 2014 at Six D.O.G.S gig space.






- MWC haven't performed a gig since a kind-of-private "festival" appearance on a beach in Patras, July 2012.


- MWC haven't really performed live in Six DOGS gig space except from a Velvet Bus Reunion Night for 4 songs only.


- It's going to be our first concert without a laptop onstage since Video Art Festival, Technopolis, May 2009, I guess...


- MWC was supposed to be the opening act for the previous scheduled of Montreal gig, back in 2007. Because of continuous airline service strikes the concert was cancelled. So, it's a dream come true.


- Of Montreal also come from a city called Athens (dah!!)



Received by MWC for Happened Before


Last night the band - disguised as a graphic design studio - received an EBGE award (Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards) for their design work on "Happened Before".


It's not the first time My Wet Calvin score at the EBGE Awards since the band's website was awarded in the 2008 selection. Add the numerous publications under the brand "My Wet Calvin" and the impression given is that graphic design is the group's day-job - at least so is mentioned at the official EBGE catalog.


Many THANKS to dB for consultancy and to Inner Ear Records for Investment!!


Happened Before is available to purchase on Inner Ear's e-shop.

Where Are We Now

8 Feb 2013 / Feerdom Live




Feerdom (=My Wet Calvin + Marwhat + Angelos Panou) play Anestis Logothetis' "Anastasis" (1965) with an electric setup and Greek spoken word.




8.2.2013 // 24:00




Empros Theater




Where Are We Now

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